• The Veneto Trail is a bikepacking event open to all people older than 18 of any nationality.
  • Registrations for the Veneto Trail 2024 are open from 09:00 p.m. of January 06th 2024 until 09:00 p.m. of May 1rst 2024.
  • The 2024 entry fee is € 60.00, including commission.
  • The Veneto Trail is a non competitive event and there are some mandatory rules to respect.
  • The start of the Veneto Trail will be at 8:00 a.m. on 22 June 2024, in Piazza Pierobon – Cittadella (PD).
  • The 2024 route has a length of about 500 km and 10500 m of ascent on singletracks, trails, dirt roads and secondary paved roads in the Veneto region.
  • The Veneto Trail’s route is not exclusive for the participants, so it is mandatory to respect the Italian traffic laws.
  • There are no signs or indications along the route, and the only official reference for the event is the .gpx route sent by the staff.
  • There is no health care service or assistance provided by the staff and while riding the Veneto Trail the participant is considered as a regular cyclist in a normal excursion with no more rights than on any other situation.
  • In case of withdrawal there will be no rescue and no obligation of searching the participants.
  • If you retire from the event, you must communicate it to the staff using an SMS, email or WhatsApp message (see road book for reference) or at info.venetotrail@gmail.com.
  • The A.S.D. Superbike Pozzetto is not a professional event organizer, and the event is not for lucre purposes.
  • The A.S.D. Superbike Pozzetto is relieved of any responsibility connected to the Veneto Trail’s participants (accidents, loss of the route, physical problems, thefts, etc.).
  • The participant undertakes to respect and keep clean the places traversed: meadows, woods, paths and agricultural property, undertakes not to throw litter along the route and to dispose of it in the appropriate collection containers. If sleeping outdoors ensure to leave no trace.
  • To register and take part to the Veneto Trail the participant must be over 18 years old and possess/send to the staff the documentation stated in part 4 (HEALTH CERTIFICATE, INSURANCE AND LIABILITY).
  • Participants are asked to have good physical preparation, resistance to prolonged efforts, and above all, spirit of adaptation.
  • The .gpx route must be entirely completed if you want to be considered a finisher of Veneto Trail 2024. If you exit from it, you must go back and ride it from where you were.
  • For your safety, there is a mandatory kit you must have with you during all the trail:
    – Bike helmet (always on while riding)
    – GPS device
    – Mobile phone with battery charger
    – Whip Live app (not mandatory, but strongly recommended, you will receive more info soon)
    – Front and back lights
    – First aid kit and bike repair kit
    – Passport (or ID)
    – Emergency thermal blanket (not mandatory but strongly recommended)
    – Rain jacket and Down jacket (not mandatory bu strongly recommended)
  • Please note that there will be no assistance from the organisers, and the participants must be well equipped for all kind of possible weather conditions and environments.
  • The participant must have a GPS device for following the official route.
  • The participant must be in a good health state and declares not to use any drug substance for alternating the performance or cause any possible dangerous situation.
  • The participant is responsible for his behaviour during and after the event.
  • To take part to the Veneto Trail, according to the Italian laws, the participant must have obtained and send to the organization (a scan is fine – info.venetotrail@gmail.com) a Health Certificate for cardiovascular intensive sport activity for the cycling practice or equivalent, issued by a sports medical centre or a doctor. This is a common practise in Italy for all sport events, even if this is not a race.
  • The easiest way to obtain this document is through your personal doctor. You can find a pdf sample of the Health Certificate for cardiovascular intensive sport activity here below:
  • To take part to the Veneto Trail the participants that are not resident in Italy or do not have Italian citizenship must be covered by a valid insurance which covers death, accident and health insurance valid during the event, covering emergency. A legal liability insurance is also required.
  • Note that you will be required to send us or show (the day before the start) your policy number and the name of your insurer, or a copy of your cover certificate.
  • The organization (A.S.D. SuperBike Pozzetto) declines all responsibility for themselves and their collaborators for accident or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during, and after the event or as result of the same.
  • The organization (A.S.D. SuperBike Pozzetto) also reserves the right to exclude cyclists from the event who will behave incorrectly before, during, and after the same or which expressly violate parts of this Regulation.
  • The participant grants to the organizers (A.S.D. Superbike Pozzetto) the most comprehensive consent to use, in the manner permitted by law, of all its video and photographic images resumed on the days of the event.
  • The participant expressly authorizes the organization, free of charge, to use images and videos depicting their person, taken during the event, every day of its duration.
  • The present authorization for the use of one’s image must be intended for an indefinite period and without territorial limits worldwide, for use in various publications and films, including, but not limited to, promotional materials and advertising on all media.

The organisation A.S.D. Superbike Pozzetto declines all liability for itself and its employees, for accidents or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of the event.

The organisation A.S.D. Superbike Pozzetto also reserves the right to exclude cyclists from the event if they misbehave before, during and after the event or fail to present the necessary and mandatory documentation required to attend the event.

A copy of this rulebook above will be made available to participants and must be signed upon check-in the day before the start.